Technologies for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

As you can see in our website, the interpreters are capable of performing their job over different platforms, however, to know them well and deciding which to use is an important task.

There are specialized technologies for this purpose with better features, there are other solutions that we can adapt to do the job, but perhaps the functionality is limited.

The Top 4 specialized technologies for remote simultaneous interpretation are: Kudo, Interprefy, Interactio and VoiceBoxer.

These technologies are ideal for interpretations that require multiple languages and for long events, due to the fact that they allow for relay and also have the hand-over feature. Also, some of these technologies can integrate with Teams, Zoom, WebEx and more.


Out of the technologies shown in the image, we can highlight that Zoom is the only one that so far has a built-in interpretation feature.

The other solutions can be used as well. Some interpreters figure a way to do RSI without integration using two devices or opening multiple sessions at the same time. It is not ideal, we do not recommend it, but it can work for certain cases.

Lastly, there are some on-line event platforms and producers that can also have the interpretation feature available. Having a production and development team is a plus to have a successful interpretation service.

Which technology do you use for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?