Conditions needed for a good simultaneous interpretation service

More than a blog article, this publication seeks to give you a checklist of the conditions needed for a successful remote simultaneous interpretation service:

  1. Hire a professional interpreter, it is obvious, but many people think that machines have already replaced the interpreters!
  2. Choose the platform that will be used for the interpretation. (See the article on that subject).
  3. Assign a person or a group of people that take care of the production or the technology. You must have control!
  4. Run tests and practice sessions ahead of time.
  5. Speakers and interpreters both must have the following conditions:
    1. Be in a spot with no noise.
    2. Use a headset that has earphones and mic (not the cellphone hands-free headset).
    3. Have a good internet connection.
    4. Connect your device to the internet through a LAN cable and not Wi-Fi.
    5. Have two networks available if possible.
    6. Have a source of power as a backup in case of an outage.
    7. have good illumination if using video.

The list above is only a support checklist to reduce the risk of having the service interrupted.

Nonetheless, and specially for remote simultaneous interpretation, is impossible to control all the variables and work with zero risk.

It is important that the interpreters and the users are aware of the risks and are willing to accept them. We must be more patient and tolerant than with on-site events.

During almost all this year the learning curve has been rising and the events are going on-line, there are very successful cases of meetings and events that have had simultaneous interpretation, if the recommendations are followed the chance for success will be even greater.

Are you willing to take on the challenge?